Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login – Address – Customer Service

Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment

Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login  Alliance Bank has merged with NBT Bank. Online payments are possible for your Alliance Bank credit cards. Alliance Bank offers bonus Rewards credit cards with flexible rewards, a variety of incentives, and all-around buying potential.

Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login – Address – Customer Service

This guide will cover everything you need about the Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card. Are you already a member of Alliance Bank Credit Card? Below are the payment details for your Alliance Bank credit cards. To access your Alliance Bank credit account login, follow the link below.

Below you’ll find information about bill pay, including the customer service number for Alliance Bank credit cards, billing telephone number, and your mailing address.

Alliance Bank Credit Card 

Elan Financial Services issues Alliance Bank credit cards. Alliance Bank has a number of payment options available for credit cards.

These transactions are handled by a third party. You can pay your bill online with any of these payment options: MoneyGram or Western Union.

Online Payments The online payment center is perhaps the best way to make payment. Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login.

For more information, please visit To make a payment online for your Alliance Bank credit card, click the “Pay Online” button below login, sign up, view your statement, manage your account online, or log out.

Pay by Phone 800 558 3424 is the Alliance Bank phone number for credit card payment.

Pay by Post: Cardmember Service, P.O. Box 790408, St. Louis, MO 63179-0408. St. Louis, MO 63175-0408.

Cardmember Service can receive urgent overnight payments at the following address: 790408 N 11th St. Louis, MO 63175-0408. You must include your Alliance Bank account numbers on your check.

You can find your account number in your statement. It is important that you mail your payment no later than 5 business days before your monthly bill due date. This will ensure your Alliance Bank payment arrives on time.

Pay in Store No. It is not possible to pay your Alliance Bank credit card in stores. Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login.

Alliance Bank Credit Card Customer Services: Alliance Bank’s credit card customer support number is 800-558-3424.

Alliance Bank Credit Cards

Alliance Bank currently offers two versions of the Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card: the standard edition or the bonus edition.

You get twice as many bonus points and double the bonus introductory cash back in exchange for a $50 annual charge. It is well worth the extra cost if you are likely to spend it frequently.

A Platinum Visa version is for those with higher credit scores.

For every dollar spent where Visa is accepted, you get 1 point and a points bonus of 25% or 50% each month. You can earn the points in unlimited amounts. They will last for 5 years before expiring.

Earn enough points to redeem your points for cash back, merchandise, or gift certificates. If you choose the annual fee option, you get $50 cash back for your first purchase and $25 cashback for every subsequent purchase.

For six months, you also get a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers. Alliance Bank also offers Secured and College credit cards

Alliance Bank Credit Card Terms and Interest

On balance transfers and purchases, you can expect a 9.9% APR. You can expect to receive a normal APR on purchases and balance transfers from 9. 99% to 99% depending upon your creditworthiness.

Cash advances have a rate of 23.99%. Paying within the grace period (24-30 days after the end of the previous billing cycle) can help you avoid interest. Alliance Bank Credit Card Payment Login.

The minimum interest charge is $2. There is no annual charge and late and returned payment fees can reach up to $35. You can find the Alliance Bank credit card application page. here click on “Apply Now”

Visit NBT Bank

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Alliance Bank Credit Card FAQ

How do I pay for my Alliance credit card on-line?

Choose to select the Bill Registration option under the Bill Payment menu. Choose a payment type in the drop-down menu, and select Payee Corporation. If you wish you to settle your Alliance credit card dues, select the credit card type from the Payee Corporation dropdown menu.
Does Alliance Bank a financial institution?

Community Purpose
We’re the first 100 members-owned group of social enterprise banks. Our profits are put into initiatives to support our members and bring about positive social change in our communities. This is what we call Do Good Banking.
What can I do to cancel my the alliance bank on the internet?

Click on My Profile. Click on Terminate Mobile Access. Click on Terminate. Enter the ATM card Number and ATM Pin.
How do I verify my balance on my account at Alliance Bank?

Call 03-55169988 and choose ‘Balance enquiry’. Enter 1 to receive your balance on your account via SMS.
How can I pay for on my Alliance Credit Card?

There are several methods you can pay for your Alliance charges, including:
  1. Cash or checks can be picked up at Alliance Bank branches nationwide.
  2. Standing Instruction (via withdrawal out of the Alliance Bank savings or current account)
  3. Cheque Cash Deposit Machines in selected branches.
  4. Internet banking via allianceonline.
  5. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
Who owns Alliance Bank?

At present in the present, it is the Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad Board of Directors is composed of five directors which is headed by chairman Datuk Wan Azhar bin Wan Ahmad. Click on the name of the Board Member below to read their bio.
How do I activate Alliance mobile banking?
To activate, login to Online Banking and follow the instructions in the “Mobile Banking Center”. Once activated, Text Banking provides a fast way to check balances and review transactions without the need to login to your account. Login to Online banking to sign up.
How do I set up the details of my Alliance Bank with DuitNow?

Log in as administrator of the system. go to the User Access Management section, then click User. Management > Click DuitNow ID Registration and Maintenance. Click Add. 
  1. Go to User Access Management > Go to Transaction Status > Click Transaction. Pending Authorisation. Check the box that you’d like to approve.
  2. Click Approve. Click Confirm.

How can I access the Alliance on-line statement?

How do I view my e-Statement online? Online Banking at allianceonline
  1. Log in to allianceonline.
  2. Select e-Statement.
  3. Select the desired account, and then choose the Statement Period according to “Month/Year”
  4. Hit on the “Download” button.

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