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Pay your Bangor Savings Bank credit cards Bangor Savings Bank offers a range of cards to suit your financial needs, preferences, and interests. This guide will help you decide which Bangor Savings Bank card to apply for. If you already have a creditcard, you can learn more about the payment options.

How do I pay my Bangor Savings Bank credit card?

Bangor Savings Bank branches are available throughout Maine to help you pay your credit cards. To make a payment, you can also call 1-888-263-3099.

For in-branch payments and bill pay from other banks, the routing code is 211274382. Online banking can help you manage your finances, pay your bills, and make payments whenever you like. Call customer service at 1-888-263-3099 for more information. Register or log in below to make your Bangor Savings Bank Credit Card payment online..

Bangor Savings Bank Credit Card

The Visa Signature Rewards Card or the Visa Platinum Bonus Reward Card are both options for those who want to earn rewards and bonuses. The card expires after five years and there are no limits on the number of points you can earn. The card also offers a 25% bonus on all purchases and $25 cash back for your first purchase. Redeem points for gift cards and travel as well as merchandise. For six months, balance transfers and purchases are eligible for 0% APR. You can also earn 50 percent points and $50 cash back each month if you pay a $50 annual fee.

The Visa Platinum Card offers 0% balance transfers for 12 month, so that you can reduce your borrowing. With the $35 annual fee Secured Visa Card, you can get a new credit card or start building your credit score. You can also earn rewards with the College Reward Visa Card.

Bangor Savings Bank Credit Card Terms And Conditions

Personal Bangor Savings Bank Credit Cards have the same terms, conditions and rates as other cards. 9.5% APR applies to balance transfers and purchases. 99% to 20. 99% for Platinum and platinum Rewards, 11. 99% to 20. 99% for College Reward, and a single 20.9% rate for Secured. Secured: 99% The rate for cash advances in cash is 23.99%. Minimum interest rate for cash advances is 2.9%. Late payments or refunds of payments may result in charges of up to $35. Fees may apply to balance transfers, cash advances and foreign transactions. For a sample of the terms & conditions for the Platinum Visa Card, visit the Bangor Savings Bank Website.

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