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To make a payment, see a statement, or manage your Capital One account online, you will need to log in. Click the “Login Here” button to login, make a purchase online, or manage your account. Below, you’ll find information about bill payments, including the billing phone number and credit card customer service number. Capital One, an American credit provider, offers many credit cards for personal and business use. Cards are available for almost everyone. There are performance cards with great introductory deals and cards that are appropriate for those with poor credit ratings. This guide will give you information about the Capital One Classic Credit Card as well as how to make Capital One payments.

How do I pay my Capital One credit card?

Online PaymentYou can quickly create an online account by signing up for the Capital One Classic Credit Card. Online banking allows you to create accounts online to make payments, such as bank transfers or direct debits. Online banking makes it possible to request direct debit. Each statement will then be charged automatically to your bank account. To make your Capital One credit card payments online, click the “Login Here” button to log in or register.

Capital One Login Button

Login if you’re in the UK here.

Pay by phonePhone number for The Capital One credit card payment is 1-800-955-7070The US. For general customer service or account inquiries, call 08444 812 812 from the UK.

Pay by mailCapital One’s payment address is: Capital One Attn Payment Processing, PO Box 701083, Charlotte NC 28272-1083. Send overnight payments to Capital One Attn. Payment Processing, 6125 Lakeview Rd. Suite 800 Charlotte NC 28269.

Other methodsThis is:

Your bank – Bring your statement to the bank and pay the balance over the counter

Overview of Capital One Credit Card

Overview of Capital One Credit Card

The Capital One Classic Credit Card was designed for people who have had credit problems previously but are now looking to improve their credit score. This card comes with a high annual percentage and no introductory rate for cash withdrawals, purchases, balance transfers, or cash withdrawals. Users with poor credit should expect a low credit limit. If you maintain your account in good standing, and make all payments on time, your credit limit could be increased to 6 month. Capital One offers a variety of benefits including a smart phone app, Capital One eXtras, which allows for discounts on everyday purchases, and a Capital One eXtras Program.

Capital One Interest Rates & Terms

Rates in the UK

The general APR is 33. Balance transfers, withdrawals, and purchases are subject to a 94% variable APR. This card has a minimum credit limit of PS200 and a maximum credit limit of PS1,500. (This amount may rise if you maintain good terms with your account). There is no annual charge. There is no late payment fee or returned payment fee. Interest will not accrue if the balance is paid by the due date. Transfer fees for balance are 3% of transferred amount. Cash withdrawal charges can be either PS3 (or 3%) of the money that is withdrawn.

US Rates

The US Capital One MasterCard offers a $100 bonus payment. This is when a cardholder spends $500 on their Capital One cash credit card within the first three months. The initial APR on balance transfers and purchases is 0%. After October 2012, the rate will rise to 12.9% to 20.9% variable APR depending on creditworthiness.

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