Do you have a “one-pager”?

Do you have a “one-pager”?

Watching the consequences of Hurricane Harvey unfold, I’ve been questioning if the individuals being rescued had a “one-pager” they may simply seize on their method out the door.

By Adam Jusko,, [email protected]

A “one-pager” could also be the most effective reply to the query, for those who may solely take one factor earlier than working out of your burning dwelling (or flooding dwelling), what would it not be?

The one-pager is a one-page doc that lists the place your cash is and the place your money owed is. Financial institution accounts, retirement accounts, different funding accounts, present loans and bank cards, and so on.

As a result of when it’s a must to run out of your home with simply the garments in your again, one of much first stuff you’ll do is piece your monetary life again collectively.

A one-pager provides you a head begin on that course. It mustn’t have a lot of info, simply the identity of the corporate related to every account.

As of late, you may monitor down nearly everything on the Web, so you may simply discover financial institutions or different firm telephone numbers to start out getting assistance by telephone or online.

Shouldn’t you place extra on the one-pager to make the duty simpler, like account numbers or account balances or customer support telephone numbers? No! First, the much less info you make yourself placed on the doc.

the higher the prospect that you’ll truly create it within the first place or replace it sooner or later. Second, in an emergency, that paper may fall within the incorrect palms for those who lose it.

You don’t need to make issues simpler for another person who could discover your one-pager. Lastly, you’ll in all probability by no means want that one-pager, so don’t overdo the hassle.

Maintain it easy. However, give yourself a beginning place to get your life again so as if catastrophe strikes.

Maintain your one-pager close to an entrance door or close to your automotive keys, someplace that it’s seemingly you’ll see it if it’s essential to go away in a rush.

Disasters are sometimes unpredictable, much more so than Hurricane Harvey. However, having a one-pager in hand could make you’re feeling that each one is just not misplaced.

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What is a one pager?

A one pager is a single-page response to your reading. It is a way of making your pattern of your unique understanding. It is a way to be creative and experimental. It is a way to respond imaginatively and honestly. … The purpose of a one-pager is to own what you are reading.

Is a one pager a full page?

What is a marketing one-pager? As you may have deduced, it’s a single page that distills down what your company does and for whom. (It can also be a single page about what a product or service does for specific target markets.) Think of the one-sheet as what’s commonly called an elevator speech or pitch.

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