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Use the official confirmed page to pay your bills at IPLPower.com Payments can be made online, or through a mobile app depending on the service provider.

Log in to IPL bill pay via a browser. You can also make faster payments by calling the IPL BillPay phone number.

To make payment with a debit/credit card, log in to IPLPower.com In certain areas, you may also be able to accept eChecks. This sign-in allows you to pay your bill faster online via a secure browser, or from a mobile device.


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Budget management is easy: Pay the same amount for 11 months, and an adjusted amount for the 12th.

This page contains contact information for IPL users who have problems paying online.

Pay by phone number:


If bill pay for IPL cannot be accessed, a lost password or login issue will require information from the resource payment section. Any of these listings can be used to obtain support online for IPLPower.com

Payment Resources





Indianapolis Power & Light Company

[email protected]

One Monument Circle

Indianapolis, IN 46204-291



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IPL Bill Pay

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IPL Online Bill Pay

Frequently Asked Questions about IPL Online Bill Payment

  1. Is online bill pay available for IPL
  2. What’s the login page for IPL?
  3. I need help logging in to my IPL account. I need help logging in to my IPL account.
  4. Can I access my account or pay IPL from my phone or tablet?
  5. How do I contact IPL if I have a question about my account or bill?
  6. Can I pay IPL with a debit card?
  7. Can I pay IPL with a credit card?

Is there an online bill payment option for IPL?

Yes. You can pay all your IPL bills online. https://iplpower.comCall the above number or call it.

IPL login page:

You can login to the IPL website at https://iplpower.com.

I need help signing in to my IPL Account. I need assistance logging into my IPL account.

Contact their customer service team at the above phone number if you need assistance logging into IPL.

Is it possible from my smartphone or tablet to access my account, or to pay IPL?

Yes. You can access your IPL account from any internet browser, phone or tablet.

I need to contact IPL for questions about my bill or account.

You can reach their customer service department at https://iplpower.com if you have any questions about your IPL bill

Is it possible to pay IPL using a debit card

You can contact the following to get information about constantly changing policies and procedures: IPL customer service departmentDouble check your ability to use a debit card to make payments.

Is it possible for IPL to be paid with a credit or debit card?

You can contact the following to get information about constantly changing policies and procedures: IPL customer service departmentDouble-check your ability to pay for purchases with a credit or debit card.

Date Modified: 10/04/2021

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