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Do you need to pay University of Minnesota credit cards This guide will give you information about your payment options as well as other important information. Click the link to log in to your University of Minnesota credit cards. Below, you’ll find bill pay information like the customer service number for credit card, billing phone number and payment address.

Credit cards can be issued by the University of Minnesota via FIA Card Services, Bank of America.

Pay online – Online Banking allows cardholders to make online payments and manage their accounts. This service allows you pay your bills online quickly and easily. Mobile Banking allows for you to manage your account from your mobile device. Make your University of Minnesota a successTo make a credit card payment online, click the “Pay Online” button below Log in, sign up, view your statement, manage your account online, or log out.

University of Minnesota Credit Card Payment
Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

Pay by phone: The University of Minnesota’s credit card payment phone number: 1-866-339-66262

Pay by Post: Bank of America PO Box 15019 Wilmington, DE 19886-5019 is the University of Minnesota’s credit card payment address. Include your University of Minnesota account numbers on your check. Your account number will be displayed on your monthly bill statement. It is crucial that University of Minnesota payments be received within five business days of the due date.

Pay in a Store The University of Minnesota cannot accept credit cards from stores.

University of Minnesota Credit Card Customer Support: The University of Minnesota customer service number for credit cards is 1-866-339-66262

University of Minnesota Credit Card

The affinity BankAmericard cash rewards card is one of many ways to support the University of Minnesota. Bank of America is a prominent provider of university affinity credit card cards. These cards can be rewarding and very useful if you are careful about your spending habits and make timely payments. Each time you make purchases, the University of Minnesota Credit Card will provide financial support to the University of Minnesota. The Cash Rewards program provides a 1% cashback on all purchases and a 2% cashback when you buy groceries. You can only get a maximum quarterly return of $1,500 for grocery and gas purchases. This rewards program is easy to use and works automatically. When it comes to redeeming your points, you have two options. You have two options when it comes to redeeming your points. Either cash a cheque or credit your account directly using a statement credit.

Bonuses and Perks

This card offers 0% introductory interest on purchases for the first 12 billing cycle. Bank of America accounts are eligible for an additional bonus. You will receive a 10% bonus on your cash back statements credits if you redeem into a Bank of America account.

Interest Rates and Fees

12.5% is the standard Annual Percentage Rate for balance transfers and purchases. From 99% to 22.99% There is no annual fee. This card has a penalty APR (29%) Late payments may result in a penalty APR of 29.9%. Late payment fees may reach $35. Returned payments fees can be as high as $25 The minimum interest rate on a balance is 1.50


This card may be worth your consideration if you are a student or alumnus, staff member, friend, or colleague at the University of Minnesota. You can avoid penalty APR by paying your bills on time.

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