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Do you need to pay your WG&R credit cards? These are the payment options. Are you interested in applying for WG&R’s Credit Card? Check out our credit card guide to learn more about credit cards. Click the link to log in to the WG&R Furniture credit card login. Below, you will find bill payment information including the customer service number and billing address.

WG&R Furniture
WG&R Furniture

WG&R Furniture Payment

You can easily keep track of your monthly payments using the WG&R furniture credit card. There are many payment options available. Although you have the option to make payments over the phone or by mail, Wells Fargo Online is your best choice. This option is available to all retail cardholders.

Pay online Wells Fargo Online is an excellent tool to manage your credit spending. The service allows you to log in at any time to view credit usage, make information changes, and submit important requests. To save time, you can register for automatic payments. For more information, please visit Click the button below to pay online with your WG&R furniture credit card. Login, Register, View your Statement, Manage Your Account Online.

WG&R Furniture credit card payment
Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

Pay by Phone The WG&R furniture credit card payment number is 1-877-8055-7744.

Pay by Post: The WG&R furniture credit card payment mailing address for Wells Fargo Financial National Bank PO Box 660431, Dallas TX 75266-0431. Mail payments typically take 7-10 business days. We recommend that you call or email us if your payment is urgent. However, there is an urgent overnight address: Regulus Group attn: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank 1500 Dragon Street Suite A, Dallas TX 75207. You must include your WG&R furniture account # on your check. You can find your account number in your monthly statement. It is important to make your payment by the due date indicated on your monthly billing statement at least 5 business days in advance. This will ensure your WG&R furniture payment arrives in time.

Pay in Store No. This is not a time to pay your WG&R credit card in-store.

Customer Service WG&R Furniture Credit Card: The number to call for WG&R furniture credit cards customer service is 1-877-805-7744.

WG&R Furniture Credit Card

WG&R Furniture, the largest furniture and mattress retailer for Wisconsin, is WG&R Furniture. In 1946, the company was founded in Green Bay. It has experienced rapid growth over the years. The company has three retail channels to offer customers greater convenience: Furniture, Sleep Shop, and Clearance Center.

WG&R is partnering with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank so that customers who meet the requirements for the WG&R credit cards can get them. Customers will save money and receive a reward. The card provides a credit line that can be used for all purchases at WG&R.

This card can be used for general retail credit and offers both positives, as well as some negatives. There will be savings and promotions, and the minimum payments are very affordable. You can also be approved if your credit score is good. You may have low-interest financing options. The WG&R furniture credit card comes with a high purchase rate of 27. The card is only available for purchases at WG&R.

This card offers cash advances at an APR of 27.99%. Minimum 23 days are required before the next billing cycle ends. There is no annual cost. There is no minimum interest charge. Late payment or returned payment fees of $35 are acceptable. Minimum payment is $35 or 3.5%. The WG&R credit cards can be applied for in person at a retailer or online. Visit the WG&R website for more information.

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