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Ocala Utility Bill Payment

Are you a utility customer with Ocala Utility? Do you need to log in or pay your bill online? This guide will help to navigate the process. Find information on accounts and services available to new customers. You can also click the link to access the Ocala utility login site. Follow the link to access the Ocala Utility bill-payment login. You will find important information regarding bill payments, including Ocala customer support number and billing phone number.

How can I pay my Ocala Utility Bill?

Ocala Utility provides many options for paying your bills. Use the following options to pay your bill online or over the phone. A payment schedule can be established directly with your bank. For more information, please contact customer service.

Pay My Bill Online: MoneyGram allows you to make online payments for Ocala Utility bills. You can pay electronically by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or check. Click the button below to make your Ocala Utility bill payments online. Log in, sign up, view your bill, manage your account, and more.

Ocala Utility Login Button

For pay-as-you go accounts, payments are made immediately. All other types of accounts will be processed the next business day.

Pay my Bill by Phone The Ocala Utility Bill Payment Phone Number is: 352-629-8216

Pay by automatic debit Ocala Utility has an automatic debit program which automatically deducts your monthly municipal service fees from a bank account. Complete the online form, and send it to Ocala Citizens Services Center.

Pay my bill in person For in-person payments, the Citizen Service Center can be reached at the front of the building or at the drive-thru. You can pay in person at an authorized MoneyGram and Western Union location. On the Ocala Utility site, you can find a complete list.

Pay my bill by mail Ocala Utility Bill Payment Address: PO Box 30749, Tampa, FL 33630-3749. Make checks payable Ocala Utility Services. Include your Ocala Utility account # on the check. You can find your account number in your monthly billing statement. You should mail your Ocala utility payments at the latest five business days before your monthly billing statement due date. This will ensure your payment arrives on-time.

What forms of payment does Ocala Utility accept?

Ocala Utility can accept Visa, Mastercards, American Express, and Discover. Transactions using any of these options can only be made up to $500. Payments will incur a $4 fee. 75 75 dollars ($5. Ocala Utility can accept electronic checks online or at its payment kiosks. There is no maximum amount. There is a $. 50 fee to receive e-check payments via automated phone system

Information for New Customers

The Citizen Services Center is located at 201 SE 3rd St., where you can apply for a new Ocala utility service. The Center is available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. A variety of documents are required. These include proofs of residency and social insurance. Print and bring the Ocala Utility Service Request Form.

You will need to deposit 2.5% if you want the traditional monthly billing service. 25 times your average monthly bill or a minimum amount of $250. Pay as you go requires a $50 deposit.

Contact Ocala Utility

Customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8AM-5PM

Customer Service 352-629-2489

Power outages 352-351-6666

Citizen Service Center: 201 SE 3rd Street, 1st Floor Ocala FL 34471-2174

Ocala Electric Utility

Ocala Utility, a municipal utility, provides a variety of services to residents who live within Ocala’s city limits. This includes electric and water services. The utility was founded by Ocala’s leaders, citizens, and others. Ocala Utility Services was established in 2008 to consolidate the services of the city and provide a single-stop shop for customers.

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