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Are you looking to make your Vectren Energy payment? Are you new to Vectren Energy? You can view your billing history, pay your bills and get general information.

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Pay online 

You can make your Vectren Energy bill payment online click the green “Online Payment” button above to login, register, view your bill or manage your account online.Complete the prompts to learn how you can manage your online payments. You will need to enter your card details. This includes the three-digit Card Verification Valu (CVV). This number appears on your debit or credit cards’ backs. The CVV of American Express cards will have four digits. It will also appear on the card’s front. To confirm your payment, review the details and click on the Confirm button. On your screen, confirmation that your payment was submitted will be displayed.

Vectren Energy’s customers can make online payments via its Internet member portal. You can use this platform to set up scheduled payments from your checking or credit account (Direct Debits), PayPal, personal check, money order and electronic funds transfer from checking account. Also, you can make one-off payments via credit card from any device, including your laptop, home PC, or mobile phone. Online account balances can be checked and managed, and you can even set up periodic alerts. Yes it’s easy to change your policy, too! You can sign in to your policy 24/7 to change addresses, pay bills, and more.

Click here to register for a Vectren Energy account and start making payments. hereClick on the link to register.

Pay by phone 1-800-227-1376

Vectren Energy has a phone system that makes it possible to pay your bills for free or a small fee. To make a payment over the phone, call Customer Service at 1-800-227-1376. Be sure to have your Vectren Energy account number and billing account number on hand. If you are using a credit or debit card, you need to give your card number and expiration date; if you want to pay with a checking or savings account, you’ll need to supply your account number and your bank routing number.

Vectren Energy Billing Address:

You would like to mail a claim or payment? Include the policy number on your check and make it payable to the company name found on the Payment Remittance portion of your bill, and mail to:

Vectren Energy Delivery

P.O. P.O.Box 6250

Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

Vectren Energy Delivery

P.O. P.O. Box 6248

Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

Vectren Energy Delivery

P.O. P.O. Box 66262

Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

Locate Vectren Energy Payment Location Near You!

Click here and  enter your city, state, and zip, and search for a payment location near you.

Vectren Energy Customer Services:

For general inquiries, Click hereTo send a message or request information, and to find the answers.

Check out past bills:

 Vectren Energy online accounts let you view your past history after you log into to your account. Click hereTo enter your email address or password, click here. To view your billing history, log into your account.

Learn more about Vectren Energy

Vectren Energy Delivery (Vectren), is a subsidiary to CenterPoint Energy, which is headquartered in Houston. Vectren delivers gas and/or power to over 1 million customers in nearby service territories. This includes nearly two-thirds in Indiana and 20% in Ohio. The majority of their customers are located in the west central region. Vectren desires to “Lead the nation in delivering energy, service and value.”  Their strategy is: Operate, serve and grow innovative, customer-focused energy delivery businesses that provide superior performance.

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