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You need to pay your SplashCard credit cards. This guide will help you understand your options for paying your SplashCard credit card bills if you’re a customer of a spa or pool dealer in the US. Just below you’ll find an overview of your different payment options. Our independent credit card guide also contains general information about the Splash card credit card.

SplashCard Credit Card Payment

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank issues the SplashCard credit card. You can pay your bills online, by phone, or mail.

Two mail payment addresses are available that you can use to send payments. Money orders and checks can be sent standard mail to Wells Fargo Financial National Bank at PO Box 6660431, Dallas TX 75266-0431. You should allow for 5-7 days for your payment to clear if you use this address.

If time is short, you might consider using the overnight mail address Regulus Group attn: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. 1500 Dragon Street Suite A Dallas, TX 75207.

The phone payment service makes it easier and faster to make payments. This automated payment service requires bank routing information and checking information. Call 1-877-805-7744. The telephone service does not allow you to make payments with credit or debit cards.

It is important to monitor your spending, especially if you are purchasing expensive spa or pool products. It is therefore a good idea to sign up for Wells Fargo Online. This service allows you to view your account balance, limit, and due date in just a few clicks. This service supports both automatic and single payments. You can make your SplashCard credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login or register.

SplashCard Credit Card Payment
Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

SplashCard Credit Card

SplashCard Credit Cards, issued by Wells Fargo are lines of credit that many spa and pool providers across the United States offer. Pools and spa purchases are expensive and not everyone can afford all the upfront costs. SplashCard Credit card allows you to finance your purchase, and make minimum monthly payments that gradually pay off the purchase.

This card has a standard interest rate of 27.99%. There are many providers that offer promotional financing at 0% APR. You don’t pay interest as long as you make the minimum monthly payments, pay off your purchase before the end of the promotional period, and maintain good standing. In the event that you fail to keep your good standing (e.g., missing a payment), the standard rate at 27.99% will apply.

You might consider other financing options when financing a major purchase.

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