Tivol Credit Card Payment Login – Address – Customer Services

Are you looking to make Tivol credit cards payments? Or do you want to log in online to manage or view your account? Look no further. These are all available payment options. You can either make a payment online or log in to your Tivol credit card login. You will find information about bill pay, including the customer service number, mailing address, billing number, and credit card number.

Tivol Credit Card Payment Options

Synchrony Financial Retail Finance issues the Tivol credit card. There are many payment options available to suit different customers.

Pay online: Synchrony Financial’s online service is safe and simple to use. Register for the service to make one time payments or arrange for payment to be sent later. Autopay will ensure you never miss a payment. Click the button below to make Tivol credit card payments online. Login, Register, View your Statement, Manage Your Account Online.

Tivol Credit Card Payment
Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

Pay by Phone: Call 1-866-419-4096 to pay your bill over the phone. A reverse copy of your card should contain a telephone number. This number can be used for inquiries or payments.

Pay by mail: The Tivol credit card payment address for Tivol is Synchrony Financial PO Box 960061 Orlando, FL 32896-0161. Your payment must arrive by the due date no less than seven days before it is due. You must include your Tivol account numbers on your check. Your monthly billing statement will contain your account number. Tivol should receive Tivol payments as soon as possible. This applies to 5 business days prior to the due date on your monthly bill statement.

Pay in Store: Your Tivol credit card cannot be paid in store at this time.

Tivol Credit Card Customer Services: 1-866-419-4096 is the Tivol creditcard customer service number.

Tivol Credit Card

Tivol has been in operation for more than 100 year. They still offer beautiful, handcrafted jewelry in a variety price ranges.

Retailers love to offer credit cards for their customers. As we all know, quality jewelry is costly. Credit options are a great way to make your purchasing power more affordable, and lower your financial burden. In partnership with Synchrony Financial the Tivol Credit card is now available.

Overview of the Card

Tivol Credit Card is a brand-named card that can only used on Tivol products. It is similar to other Synchrony Retail Cards. The cards come with exclusive savings and financing deals, but no rewards or bonus. These benefits are not included on the card so it’s a good idea to visit Tivol jewelry shops and learn more.

Interest Rates and Fees

At 29.99%, the interest rate is very high. It is a high interest rate but you still have a chance of being approved for the card. As long as your credit score is good, this is also a good rate. Active balances are subject to a minimum $2 interest charge. The minimum due date for active balances is 23 days from the end of the last billing cycle. Maximum $35 for late payments and returned payment fees. You can apply online for this card. In most cases, a quick decision is made.

Visit TivolOn FacebookAnd Pinterest. Tivol credit card payments login makes it easy to bill. For customer service, you can also find the address and contact details.

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