Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service

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Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card payment you are looking to make your Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card payment? Log in to view your statement online or manage your account.

This guide is here to help with an overview of the different payment options available with this credit card – check just below.

Waterfall Jewelers credit and Wells Fargo credit are also available. You can make a payment online, or manage your account by following the link below. Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment.

Below, you’ll find important bill payment information like the credit card customer support number, mailing address, billing number, and billing phone number.

Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service

There are many options to pay your bill.

Pay online Waterfall Jewelers credit card bills can now be paid online through Wells Fargo Online.

Supported are single, automatic, and scheduled monthly payments. 

For more information about Waterfall Jewelers credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to log in, Register, View your Statement, Manage Your Account Online.

Pay by phone Waterfall Jewelers is available at 1-877-805-7744. Be sure to have your routing and checking numbers handy. Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment.

This service is not available for credit or debit payments.

Pay by Post: Waterfall Jewelers is a credit card payment bank.

The mailing address for Waterfall Jewelers is Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.

PO Box 663431, Dallas, TX 7566-0431. Your Waterfall Jewelers account number must be included on your check. You will find your account number on your monthly billing statement.

It is important to send your Waterfall Jewelers payment at the latest 5 business days before the due date on your monthly billing statement.

Pay in Store No. You cannot use your Waterfall Jewelers credit cards in-store at this time.

Customer Service for the Waterfall Jewelers credit card: Waterfall Jewelers customer service number: 1-877-805-7744.

Waterfall Jewelers credit card

Waterfall Jewelers is an Oakland County family-owned jewelry shop.

This company was established in 1979 and offers a wide range of jewelry from well-known designers like Simon G, Tacori, and Hearts on Fire. Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment.

It is ideal for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. You can find high-quality jewelry for children and adults, as well as online advice on how to protect and care for it.

Waterfall Jewelers offers the Waterfall Jewelers credit card to valid customers in partnership with Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo, a prominent retail finance provider, has partnered with many small-sized to medium-sized American businesses.

You can increase your purchasing power with well-respected, locally-operated jewelry companies like Waterfall Jewelers by having one of their retail cards in your wallet.

The Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card’s standard purchase APR is 27.99%. This includes all Wells Fargo private-label credit cards.

If you carry a high balance for a long duration, a rate like this can be very costly.

But, it is still competitive against most private label credit cards. This rate is also very competitive and will not affect your chances of getting approved.

This card is not recommended for those with good credit scores. Wells Fargo retail cards are more appealing because they often offer financing and cardholder perks.

The credit card does not have an annual fee and due dates are at least 23 days following the end of each billing cycle. The minimum interest rate is $1.

Penalty fees for accounts that have been in good standing are $25, $35, and $25 respectively if you fail to adhere to the terms of the account within the last six billing cycles. Waterfall Jewelers Credit Card Payment.


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