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You can login to your Woolworths credit card account to make a payment, view your statement, or manage it online. Click the green button to login, make a purchase online, or manage your account. Below you will find bill pay information, such as the customer service number for credit cards, billing phone number and mailing address. Woolworths is an established and well-respected financial services and grocery retailer. Woolworths is based in Australia and offers credit cards, prepaid card, gift cards as well as insurance and other financial services. This article will cover the most popular Woolworths credit cards, including card information, terms, conditions, and information that allows you to make payments to settle outstanding credit balances.

How can I pay my Woolworths Credit card?

You can load money on the prepaid card at any Woolworths supermarket, BIG W store or other retailer that sells the product. You can transfer money to your online bank account via BPAY or arrange for regular deposits to be taken from your salary. Credit card balances are available to be paid at Woolworths supermarkets. You can also pay your bank by providing your credit information over the counter.

You can make payments online at Woolworths and manage your credit cards. To make your Woolworths credit card payment online click the green “Online Payment” button below to login or register.You can either call 1300 121234 for customer service or complete a form. here.

Woolworths Payment Button

Woolworths credit card

These cards offer rewards for shopping at Woolworths. This can help you to reduce your shopping expenses. With the Quantas Card, you can also earn travel rewards.

  • Woolworths Everyday Cash Credit Card – This card puts more power in your hands for Woolworths purchases. You will earn 3 points per $1 you spend in the store, 3 points each for $1 Woolworths mobile product, 2 points each for all other Woolworths grocery, BIG W and co-branded purchases. For every $1 spent elsewhere, you get 1 point. Points are unlimited. Reward points can be converted to money back shopping cards instantly. Balance transfers are available at a special 5.99% for the first 6 months. Normal APR on purchases is 19.84%, and 21.34% on cash advances. Annual fee $49. Late payment fee $35
  • Woolworths Quantas Credit Card – This card allows you to earn Quantas Frequent Flyer points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases. Earn 2 points per $1 spent on qualifying Quantas services and products. There are endless opportunities to earn points. Points can be used to redeem for money-off on flights or other travel. You can also get fuel saving vouchers and easy gas station payment. Balance transfers: Introductory 5.99% for six months. The APR on purchases is 19.99%, and cash advances at 20.99%. Annual fee $89. Late payment fee $35
  • Woolworths Prepaid MasterCard – This card offers the benefits you need, while helping you to keep in control of your money. This card is a prepaid card. You need to first put money on it before you can spend it. This card doesn’t require you to open a transaction account. It offers additional incentives and only $9.95 for one fee. Zero liability means that you are protected from any unauthorised purchases. 2.5% transaction fee for overseas transactions

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